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  • 14 miles at Mt. Diablo April 22, 2014
    She quit on me at a 20 mile training ride, and I stared at her face for the long walk back to camp, memorizing what “too tired, on the edge of a metabolic problem” looks like.
  • In which we are happy that a hippopotamus came for the fun March 10, 2014
    The story of Aarene’s hip replacement is a different kind of ride story - a story of rider who made a tough decision on a hope that there are many more pain-free endurance rides in store for her and her Standardbred horse, “Fiddle”.
  • Man Against Horse March 9, 2014
    However, remembering last year, I hopped off Mimi in advance of the tough area, which involves a steep climb, sharp switchback, and immediate step up/jump (depending on your horse’s height and leg length) over a rocky ledge.”
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  • Cleaning Tack September 25, 2011
    Is your reaction manical laughter? (look at all that tack to clean!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) Fear not! It's an important part of caring for your tack. I save time by spending time where it matters (on my leather tack) and taking short cuts where it doesn't (synthetics tack). […]
  • Glue-on Boot Kit September 12, 2011
    Featured Blog post from Karen’s Musings & Endurance Ride StuffI’ve been making lots of lists lately.  Lists of what is in my tack room, what is in the rest of my trailer….my tack, etc.It’s been good because I’ve been able to go through everything and get things fixed and repaired.  It’s so easy to ignore the small things that need to be done when there i […]
  • Post-ride Leg Wrapping August 18, 2011
    Featured Blog post from: Karen’s Musings & Endurance Ride StuffHere is a list of things I use for wrapping legs:1)  Clay poultice.  Be careful about choosing one that is AERC legal if you are using during an AERC ride.  Sore No More contains arnica, which is on the prohibited list.  Numotizine on the other hand, contains no ingredients that I could find […]
  • Make Your Own Rump Rug August 13, 2011
    For the last eighteen months I have been "meaning" to make a rump rug.New definition of word "meaning to". Def. Will not get done, or at least will be procrastinated to the point where the item is no longer needed.While in my obstinate quest to find the "perfect" model to pattern my rump rug after (see that's why it was tak […]