MerryLegs update


Finally remembered to take some recent photos of ML to show how much her weight and condition has improved! Pictures are worst/oldest first with the good news at the bottom :).  


Coastal 50k: 3 x 3

I’m going straight to the 3 by 3 evaluation because there isn’t much of a story here – ran 14 miles the day before the race and besides one little arm-flapping-hysterical-shriek complete with teleportion to the side of the trail when I was surprised by something behind me (it was a bike, and no I […]


Aluminum Trailer Floor

My trailer is 22 years old and over time the aluminum floor has undergone some abuse. Whether normal aging process, or from not being cleaned out regularly, the fact is that right now there is some corrosion and some pitting and I’d rather have the floor repaired later rather than sooner. How best to protect […]


Camp Far West Q&A: Bento box

My bento box has evolved in contents since I first put it together a couple of years ago. Now 2+ years into using it, I feel like it’s really dialed in to what I routinely need when I hit the trails, and what stuff I need to keep close at hand, “just in case”.   […]


New (Used) Horse Trailer

Things have been a little crazy here. I bought a new horse trailer on Tuesday! Originally I was going to trade in my trailer as part of the deal and do it Saturday (yes, the same day I was leaving for the Camp Far West endurance ride….) but then things got complicated because the tires […]

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