Pioneer 2016 – all the other stuff


Honest, focused reflection is one of the most important things you can do after a big event. Honesty has never been a problem here, but the whole focus thing is a different story. Which is why I’m only choosing THREE things that went well, and THREE things that I wish I had done differently for […]


Pioneer Spirit 50 2016

It was deja vu all over again. Coming into Granite Bay, my race was once again over. Six miles to go and no more time on the clock. The cut off was 5:12 for the *44 mile check and I was running just as fast as I could and hiking when I couldn’t. I had […]

Hopefully I’m doing a little trail running right now!

Don’t forget! You can track my progress for Pioneer here! I’m bib number 155.

This is Endurance Riding

If you’ve been here a while you know that along with being depicted as a magical rainbow farting unicorn, Farley can also be an absolute nag. On good conditioning rides I still have to bite my teeth and exercise a bit of patience as we work out ONCE AGAIN that yes, conditioning IS necessary and while I […]


Orange Mud Hydration Vest

On my last longer training run I did some of the Pioneer Express Trail that will be on the Pioneer course out of Auburn towards Folsom (Rattlesnake Bar area for you locals). Notable achievements besides deciding to climb UP Cardiac hill in 104 degree afternoon temperatures, was taking some pictures of the beautiful scenery. Since by […]

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