Rio Preview


Still so so SO busy over here getting the last details worked out for my first 100 mile run. Finished the pace chart Created the crew T-shirt Logo Went for a longish run/hike to see how the trails held up in the recent rain. While desperately trying to go slow enough since I am tapering. […]


I have a lot to write about, but am absolutely swamped getting the details ready for Rio. So, today enjoy some pictures of Farley’s son “Blue” that his owner sent me. I wasn’t the one that bred Farley, birthed Blue, or have even met him or his owner – but it’s cool to see her […]

Birth Story

Blogging has taught me that when telling my personal stories there are two perspectives. The first is the story as it happens. It’s more about capturing the moment as it is lived with all the contradictions and convoluted truths as it is FELT at that very moment, rather than getting every fact straight. I find […]

Image Luv

For right now let’s push the hard questions like “do I think I can actually finish this race” aside and do something different. What about a some fun with all the great images I’ve been collecting, waiting for the right post? Like an image version of our link luv posts?

Almost there

100 mile training with the 100 mile run looming large in the near-ish future. Excuse me while I have a minor freak out. Oh. My. GOD. I’m actually going to do this. This is INSANE. How is this a good idea. Screw every meme that ever admonished dreams that weren’t big enough. I can’t even. […]

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